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My mom was from Bari, first generation Italian, and my dad was 100 percent Irish.  I have ten siblings... 6 boys and 5 girls. 

My Gramma would spend every winter with us.  When she came she brought salami, focaccia bread, canned tomato's, peaches and peppers. And Verner's gingerale.  She made orecchiette "little ear" pasta.  We made ravioli every January.   And she had lemon drops.

There was always something great to eat . If were not eating amazing food we were discussing amazing food. 

I bought Dunning's Market in 1997.    It has changed a lot over the years. We were meat market and gourmet shop and we have transitioned into a deli and gourmet shop. We have a wide variety of spices and condiments. We carry  all of those hard to find things you need for cooking and baking. We even have a prepared dinner program called "The Supper Club"

We serve coffee and chai tea, muffins and cinnamon rolls. 

We make great sandwiches' for breakfast and beyond .  We make homemade soups and of course or "famous" chicken salad! 

You can eat in or carry out! 

Come in and check us out. 


dunnings grand opening_edited.png


We moved here about 15 years ago and within the first week of landing in Flossmoor I was told I MUST try the Chicken Salad from Dunning's. It is magic and continues to be a family favorite to this day! — Barb

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