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Allow Dunning’s Gourmet Market to customize your next event to fit your taste and your budget! Whether it is a corporate lunch, a romantic dinner for two or a surprise birthday party, we have you covered!

Please Note: We require 48 hours advance notice required for catering orders.


Had something else in mind? We would love to customize your event to fit your personal taste and budget!



Platters serve 8-10 or 20-25 people.

Crudité Platter — $49.95 / $89.95    

Assorted fresh vegetables including carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, celery with buttermilk ranch dip.


Fresh Fruit Platter — $49.95 / $95.95

Fresh melons and berries with orange
chiffon dip.


Grilled Vegetable Platter — $65.95

Zucchini, squash, peppers, carrots, mushrooms, onions with balsamic drizzle.


Grilled Asparagus Platter — $65.95

Grilled asparagus, chopped tomato and blue cheese with lemon vinaigrette.


Stuffed Mushrooms- 2.20 each/minimum of 12.  Choose from

spinach , cheese, and bacon

chicken italian sausage

blue cheese

Bruschetta Trio    

Choose one pint of bruschetta or all three!
Each pint comes with 24 crostini.

  • Tomato with sea salt, basil and olive oil. $25

  • Cremini mushroom, garlic, parsley, lemon   zest and truffle oil. $25

  • White bean parsley pesto. $20

  • You can combine a  bruschetta with  your charcuterie board .

Artisan Cheese Platter  — $65

Local artisanal cheeses, grapes, apples, nuts, jam and crackers.

Charcuterie Board- 25.50/75.50

assorted imported meats , cheese, olives, nuts, crackers.

Pinwheel Platter - $65 for 3 dozen  

Colorful bite size pinwheel platter. 

  • Turkey, cream cheese and apple cranberry chutney.

  • Ham, cream cheese, horseradish mayo and mixed greens.

  • Zucchini, squash, peppers, cream cheese and spinach.

  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and dill.


Baked Brie et Croute — $39.50 each

Brie cheese topped with apricot jam, caramelized mushrooms and onions baked in puff pastry. Served with grapes, apples
and crackers.

Hot Smoked Salmon Platter-Market Price

Wild caught salmon, smoked over applewood.lump charcoal.  Served with capers, cream cheese, red onion and crackers. 


Cajun Salmon Platter — Market Price

Scottish salmon, Cajun seasoning and brown sugar served with dill sauce and crackers.


Shrimp Cocktail Platter — Market Price

Jumbo wild caught Gulf shrimp, cooked and peeled. Served with homemade cocktail sauce.  Minimum of 15 shrimp. 


Assorted Deli — $4 Each Minimum 12

Our deli platters are made with fresh baked bread and Boar’s Head brand deli meats with cheeses, lettuce and tomato. Choose from turkey, ham, salami, roast beef, cheddar,
American, swiss or smoked gouda.


Tuna Salad Platter — $59 for 12

Albacore tuna salad served with lettuce on a brioche roll.

Chicken Salad Platter — $54 for 12 

Our famous chicken salad on a pretzel roll.


Jamaican Jerk Burger Sliders — $4 each Minimum of 12

Jerk seasoning and raspberry chipotle sauce on a pretzel roll.


Chicken  Dijon Sliders — $4.50 each Minimum of 12

Our house made chicken Dijon, fresh spinach and red pepper jelly on a pretzel roll.


Platters serve 8-10.

Mediterranean Garden Salad — $40

Romaine and mixed greens, cucumber,
tomato, red onion and 
peppers with
homemade Italian dressing.


Apple Salad — $45

Romaine and spring mix, apples, dried cranberries, red onion, strawberries (seasonal) and nuts with dijon dressing.


Greek Pasta salad — $45

Corkscrew pasta, chic peas, feta,spinach, lemon vinaigrette.

Tuscan Kale Salad — $45

Kale, red onion, carrots and parmesan cheese with Italian dressing.


Isreali Cous Cous Salad — $40

Cous cous, feta, spinach, almonds, tomato, fresh vegetables, mint and parsley with smoky paprika, lemon and olive oil.


Dill Potato Salad — $40

Red potato, celery, onion, eggs and fresh dill with Hellman’s mayo.


Herb Potato Salad — $35

Fresh herbs, tomato, red onion, red potato with dijon mustard vinaigrette (no mayo).


Platters serve 8-10.

Chicken Alfredo Lasagna — $65

Alfredo cream sauce, chicken, fresh basil layered with fresh tomato, red and yellow
pepper sauce. 


Meat Lasagna — $50

Choice of beef or chicken Italian sausage, homemade marinara sauce, ricotta, mozzarella, Romano and provolone cheese. 


Vegetable Lasagna — $45

Homemade marinara sauce, fresh spinach and sautéed peppers, ricotta, mozzarella, romano and provolone cheese.


Jerk BBQ Spaghetti — $50

Jerk seasoned chicken with tangy and spicy BBQ sauce.


Chicken Vesuvio — $50

Fresh chicken, roasted potato, chicken stock, white wine, garlic and fresh herbs. (White meat or boneless upon request $60.)

Moroccan Chicken — $50

Chicken, cinnamon, cumin, curry, chili powder paprika, golden raisins, mint, parsley, butter and honey served with cous cous.

(White meat or boneless upon request $60.)


Chicken Dijon — $68 

Chicken breast dijon butter, panko and parmesan breading.


Beef Tenderloin Platter — $160

Juicy and tender, cooked to medium rare.
Sliced for dinner serving or for sandwiches. Served with brioche rolls and horseradish mayonnaise on the side.


Beef Brisket — $125.00

Marinated and slow roasted. Sliced for dinner serving or for sandwiches. Served with brioche rolls and barbeque sauce.

Herb Encrusted Salmon 140.00

Scottish salmon, dijon mustard, fresh herbs.

Lemon Shrimp and Pasta 135.00

Gulf Shrimp, lemon sauce, pasta

rice upon request.


Thanks you Dunning's! for the delicious sandwich platter. Having several snacking options on hand for our weekend of family guests was so very helpful. We didn't need to worry about a thing and troops could eat whatever and whenever they wished. — Kevin

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